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Review – Bidvertiser Is Spamming Your Website – Stay away

Before a couple of days, as I needed some little money to pay for the server hosting I have decided to run some ads on our website. I wanted to try something new other than Adsense because I needed to be payed by paypal. I have chosen Bidvertiser, I have never tried their services before, so i said why not trying them and see how does it turn so i can compare it with other companies like Adsense and infolinks. so got my account confirmed with them, and i have added the ads code to my sub-domain for the issuu download tool, after a day i checked my earning with them and they have rewarded me 0.19$ for all the day! so decided to run away from them so I removed their ads from my website with no return, today I have checked my traffic analytic to see what’s new! and I had a big bad surprise!! Continue with reading

Download any Calameo Document as PDF

We would like to announce to you that we have developed a new tool today, This new tool will make you able to download any document or magazine from Calameo.com , as Calameo doesn’t allow PDF download or even pages save, our tool will let you view all the document pages as Images in high definition as well as printing them as PDF if you would like, of course our tool has to be used only with non-copyrighted materials. if you are an author and noticed that someone has viewed a document you own using our tool, kindly click on theĀ  upper green buttonĀ  “Report document as copyright infringement” and fill out the application and send it to us and we will take off the document from our site and ban it for future usage. Continue with reading

Issuu PDF Downloader, Online tool to download all images from any issuu document

Issuu is used daily by millions of users, Its a great website for hosting PDF files and browsing them online on the fly from any device, but as usual there is always a disadvantage in which the site doesn’t allow downloading the documents as PDF files or saving a page as a picture for offline usage. and here comes the idea of our new tool, by using it you can get the HD images of any Issuu document only by providing its direct URL on issuu, then you can browse its pages and save any of them to your PC or mobile phone by right clicking on any page and choose “save image as”, or you can preview all of the pages in one page so you can print this page as PDF file using any free PDF printer available, we highly recommend the free PDF printer which comes with the free version of Foxit reader. Continue with reading